domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Side Ways - Side Away

There shines the frost water
and despite of being my winds beffuddling,
I´m learning how to fend by myself
and looking for the way of behave.

Now don´t knowing what to do
lefted where I wanted
Side Ways.

Like a teapoon leaning on a mug
and tired after twisting town moods
But maybe I would be fullfilled
so then my dreams of gamekeeper come true.

Have you ever seen my dear
a giraffe wearing lychees and grapes?
I think she just keeps all those
in case they become her lifevest.

Now don´t knowing how to wear
with a stone nervelace
Side Away.

A side: one of two areas
left or right, there´s the difference
of an imaginary line of excuses
down the middle of my existance.